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High Tea Cannabis Tea Packaging

Creating a brand with creativity at its core

As the recreational THC market becomes increeasingly saturated, it takes a lot for a brand to stand out in the category. Design is more important than ever; an indicator of compatibility with a creative consumer, and a competitive advantage on the shelf.

With a brief to conceptualise and design a brand of cannabis infused artisinal teas, intended to energise or soothe the soul, we imagined a product that speaks to a discerning creative mind. The result of the design process is a product that looks at good as it feels, and a positioning that marks the intersection between recreation and ceremony.

High Tea marks the intersection between recreation & ceremony.

High Tea Sativa Tea Packaging Tube DesignThree Illustrated Cannabis Branding Tubes

Choose an infusion

The High Tea range comes in two variants. Choose from an uplifting and invigorating sativa blend with chai, cinnamon and orange peel - or a deeply soothing infusion of indica strains complimented by jasmine, lavender and chamomile.

To represent these two infusions in a graphic language, we used colours and symbols to distinguish between night and day - producing two distinct products that look incredible when purchased together or alone.

Cannabis Tea Cup BrandingHigh Tea Cannabis Illustrated Tote Bag