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Recreational edibles
for the modern consumer.

The world has been taken by storm with the rise of fresh food box delivery services like Blue Apron, uCook, Mealfresh and hundreds of other competitive offerings making cooking fun, engaging and convenient. Each service comes with its own unique customisation options. Calorie-conscious, carb-clever, vegan. There are even meal kits for pets.

Imagine a home meal kit service that allowed hungry herbivores to cook using cannabutter, creating an energising or relaxed state of mind after each delicious meal. Delivered wherever you are, enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

We believe the world is ready for the next generation of home meal kits. So we asked ouselves, what would the Blue Apron of THC delivery look like? Enter Green Panda. A modern food box delivery service with a fun and wholesome twist.

Green Panda Edibles Delivery Stickers
c and Packaging Tape

Taking the stress out of dosage.

As recreational cannabis use comes out of the back-alley shadows and into homes across the world, more and more people are trying cannabis for the first time in a safe, wholesome environment. But getting your dosage right can still be stressful. So Green Panda makes it easy.

The Green Panda website helps customers choose a strain that suits their needs in an easy-to-understand checkout process. Cooking chocolate-dipped granola bars to give you energy and a euphoric, carefree feeling on your next adventure? Or perhaps you are making a meal for a quiet night in front of the telly. The Panda has you covered.

Your order is shipped with pods containing a precise dose of THC in your chosen strain, melted into organic unsalted butter. Each recipe comes with instructions on how to achieve a high, medium or low dose - with indications for sharing. Done with your cannabutter? Pop the pod in your fridge to experiment with later. Melt it into your oats in the morning, mix it into a smoothie, make a delicioous sandwich with fresh lettuce and emmenthal - or just save it and share your next Green Panda delivery with friends.

Green Panda Edibles iPad Website DesignEdibles Dosage Guide and Cannabutter Capsule

Using the brand language we developed, we created brand collateral that didn’t just speak the friendly, wholesome language of the Green Panda identity, but walked the walk too.

Each Green Panda meal kit is delivered with a complimentary re-usable glass bottle of mineral water, and two bags of green tea. This kind of behaviour makes a brand like Green Panda stand out in a crowded room. It’s the small details like this that not only makes a consumer feel value, but reinforces the brand’s persona at the same time.

Character at every
touch point.

Thoughtful details communicate value, and reinforce the Green Panda persona.